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Dear Friends of CraftWorks –Nonprofits at best walk a tightrope of financial insecurity.  Here at CraftWorks, despite our best efforts, much help from the community, and our service to thousands, we are not able to sustain ourselves with our current programs.  We’ve decided to take a breather from programming as of November 30 and search for other opportunities to put this wonderful building and fantastic environmental resource to even greater benefit for the community.

This is a good time to reflect on the hundreds of school kids who’ve loved and learned from their field trips here, the many girl scouts and campers who brought the facility alive, artists and artists-to-be who have flourished in our creative environment, naturalists and birdwatchers and nature lovers who’ve stalked our trails.  We have fond memories of weaving the CraftWorks unique mix of nature and art into the community.

Thank you for your support and help over the years.  It has enabled us to develop a unique landscape and unexcelled teaching facility.  We will be looking diligently for another nonprofit or nonprofits to take advantage of our facility and land and welcome inquiries. 

Terri Burhans, our fine Executive Director will be the Director of a Community Center in Loudoun County and we know you will all miss her.  If you have questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact me at 304-728-6233 or


Linda Case



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